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What is Positive Feeling?

Positive Feeling is first of all to own – to integrate – all experiences and all things perceived and to realize that all what happens ist self-generated.  From this point on one is able to choose the experiences (more…)

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What is your object of attention?

Flowing Energy

Abraham describes here what it means to flow energy or being in the flow. Contrary to the beliefs of many people there are no “majorities” or other people required to get what one wants. The only thing one has to do is to ally with the expanded self and then let it happen… Most of […]

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Fibroblast Human Cell

Everything Is Conscious

Science describes the philosophy that everything is alive as Hylozoism and the philosophy that everything is conscious as Panpsychism. One of the main representants of Panpsychism is the German  Theodor Fechner (1801-1887). This is a quote from the philosopher William James’s (Pluralistic Universe) , describing Fechner’s work: “For him the abstract lived in the concrete, […]

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Children and Meditation

The only thing to make man really and authentically cultured is to bring up children in their innocence, and help their bodies to be healthy and their innocence to be meditative. The child can reach his center very easily because he has nothing to obstruct him, no ideas, no thoughts, no prejudices. He is not […]

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Bird in a Bush

Path of Least Resistance

Say Universe… “You know what I want. Give it to me in the path of least resistance. Give it to me in any way I can get it.” And then watch how many vortexes open for you where you’re standing in the spot where the moon will shine just right where the stars will twinkle […]

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Vimala Thakar

Vimala Thakar passed away in March 2009 in her home in Rajasthan, India. Although she was such a evolved being there was almost no mention in the Western press. How could the world have missed the fact (more…)

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