Archive | March, 2012

Strange Sounds in the Sky explained by Scientist

Maybe you would like to know also more about the strange sounds that have been recently heard around the world. Some people even call them “The Sound of the Apocalypse”. Dr. Prof. Elchin Khalilov has now given an interview where he develops some theories about these sounds which are very loud although most of them […]

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circumstances don't matter


A mantram is short spiritual formula to reach the highest being – the One Self. It uses the power of words – like spells – to create a union with the essence of the self . Prayers, meditation and mantras turn the awareness – consciousness, spirit, everything – to the inner being – to God. […]

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Bashar – To Transform The Ego Mind

In these videos Bashar explains how to deal with the Ego mind. He suggests to make a contract with it, physically sit down and write a contract about the competence of the ego of what it can handle and what it cannot handle and have to let the expanded mind do. Remember, the ego does […]

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From Third To Fifth Dimension

This is an excerpt from a channelling with Archangel Michael, channelled by Celia Fenn. It deals about understanding the energies right now and why life is often so difficult and even exhausting. The answer from AA Michael is: “Maintaining the illusion of the Third Dimension is what is causing the stress and exhaustion among you.” […]

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