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I Am Ready For A Change!

This is a message from the Galactic Federation of Light, channeled through Greg Giles. It would be very nice if the Galactic Federation would come to help us, but as they say themselves, we have to be ready for change and to be ready for change needs the ability to see what happens. Too many […]

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You already have everything you need

Forget Methods

This is an excerpt from a channelling of Himaalih from “The Myradees,” channeled by Maria Bertram, December 27th 2010. The Mother Earth Network  is an ever growing, global spiritual network consisting of thousands of people around the world. The network’s main activities are global healing sessions for Mother Earth, through channeled instructions. I think that […]

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Elias, channelled by Mary Ennis, is one of my favourite sources of inspiration. This small exercise that he offers here is important, because the lack of  deservingness – of self-value – is certainly very impeding for fulfilling your desires whatever they are… Enlightenment, wealth, health…. The fact that you exist is enough! Relaxing, isn’t it! […]

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Wonderful Cristals

Wonderful Crystals

At the Kryon Website you can download several sheets with pictures of various crystals – mineral helpers so to speak  for healing, ascension, new consciousness, strength, peace, (more…)

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We say one more thing about the idea of healing the self. We will give you the idea of a particular permission slip that you can use to attract whatever information you need that has to do with healing. So if you use this permission slip because it is generally keyed to the collective energy […]

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