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Ni Dieu Ni Maitre - 4 Mousquetaires

The Only Authority

No matter how tempted you are to look to others, you are your own authority. And the answers literally -literally” come from within yourself, and I mean now through your own private experiences that cannot be given to you by another – they must be experienced. I can only help lead you toward a recognition […]

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Am I allowing or am I being lazy

Am I Allowing?

Kryon was asked “am I allowing or am I being lazy” and this question is not silly at all. Indeed, sometimes it is difficult to discern what one is doing really deep inside. And there is always the question about the necessity of action “outside”.  So action or exercise will reinforce the inner doing and […]

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The Creative Mechanism

The creative mechanism is activated as you give birth to a thought (or imagination) that does NOT evaluate: The rightness or wrongness the positveness or the negativeness the goodness or badness of any of it… but goes to work immediately in the creation of that which you have set into motion through your thought. It […]

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The Inner Senses

These are the Inner Senses, as Seth explained them in his books. They are worth to be explored: Inner vibrational touch Psychological time Perception of past, present, and future Conceptual sense Cognition of knowledgeable essence Innate working knowledge of the basic vitality of the universe Expansion or contraction of the tissue capsule Disentanglement from camouflage […]

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P’taah speaks about sovereignty, the actual accelerating change in consciousness, about responsibility, trust, judgements, allowance…  This is very, very important knowledge for the Individual as well as for whole Nations which are as sovereign as their citizens are. When you are acknowledging your sovereignty, that is acknowledging that it is your creation absolutely, every part […]

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Sound Pistol?

Sound Energy

In the recent Global Energy Breakthrough Conference  in Boulder, Colorado, Michael Tellinger shared his theory that sound is one of the most abundant forms of free energy on the planet. He said that sound is the primordial source of all things and is the common denominator of all creation. With that being said, if an […]

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Distraction is a very powerful tool to interrupt unloved patterns. Instead of continuing to struggle with duties – shoulds and musts – it would be more effective to go shopping,  doing a walk, watch a movie or anything else pleasurable to find new perspectives. This sounds banal, however it is rarely done. So if you […]

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