When Abraham says, that “it is as easy to create a castle as a button” he means it literally. However the creation of a button – you go in a shop i.e. and just buy one – is considered as much more easy than to own a big castle. We are accustomed to buttons. We have no doubt that we can buy them anytime, but in general we doubt that we can create a caste – which is in this case just a symbol for any great desire that one may have.

It is as easy to create a castle as a buttonThe easy castle creation requires however the activation of some mental tools – pure thought, trust and therefore no doubts and a deep knowing of the own abilities. One has to keep the desire so pure in mind – be so focused – that there is no place for any contradictory thought. By imagining the desire in this way and generating therefore the adequate feelings the Universe cannot but deliver.

Thats why a software like Dreammanifesto is of such an immense help. In making your “intention movies” you can focuse more clearly and it installs faster into your belief systems – the so called subliminal, because you see it on your computer – maybe while drinking your coffee. A movie is  more concrete than just imagination and therefore it is believed easier. I use this tool myself and while I am watching my images and affirmations I generate wonderful feelings and these frequencies attract what I want. They are the initial manifestation process.

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