It is very important to have the right mindset to manifest your dreams whatever they are. Take 5 minutes every morning to adjust your thinking and feeling to your goal which is: Manifest your dreams! Sit down comfortably i.e. with your morning coffee and imagine yourself slim, beautiful, healthy, absolutely fit, wealthy, abundant, knowing, rich… Don’t be shy. Imagine it to the best of your dreams.

Morning Coffee for Manifesting Your DreamsIn this short imagination feel yourself like your dreamself. It is very important that you can feel how it is to be happy, wealthy, beautiful, rich…, even if you feel it only for a moment. Try to remember that feeling and install it in your heart so to speak to be able to feel while your busy day sometimes exactly this feeling. See it and feel it. And you will get it.

If you have problems with seeing clearly your goal, make a little movie and see it whenever you have to affirm your intentions. Dreammanifesto has a very good software to make movies with just some clicks. So, while drinking your morning coffee, you can see your movie with your affirmations and that installs quickly in your subconscious and becomes automatic. This movie is a great tool for manifesting your dreams!

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