Resonance of the Land

There are certain simple steps that can be followed, whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation, whether the condition is one of poor health, a stressful personal involvement with another, a financial dilemma, or whatever.Bashar speaks about the location as a projection and as un important part of what oneself deems to be. Location is within, as he says. This explains why some locations make happy and some locations make one feel uncomfortable. In another context he said: “Frequency is a property of the location.” Something to think about…

Aloneness: Your Self-Nature

Aloneness is a flower, a lotus blooming in your heart. Aloneness is positive, aloneness is health. It is the joy of being yourself. It is the joy of having your own space. Meditation means: bliss in being alone.  Meditation means: bliss in being alone. One is really alive when one has become capable of it, when there is no dependence anymore on anybody, on any situation, on any condition.

Animal Reflections

Let’s keep this simple, a step at a time. Even though you have on your planet this understanding of, what you call, a Golden Rule, you understand? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In actual fact, even though that is in itself a truth, a more fundamental and precise way to understand that principle is as follows, in that, ” you will do to others what you are willing to do to yourself.

Emergency Kit

Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts, gives here very good advice on how to act in case of emergency.  There are certain simple steps that can be followed, whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation, whether the condition is one of poor health, a stressful personal involvement with another, a financial dilemma, or whatever.…

The Bones of God

Bashar speaks about the underlying structure of the physical world that is called by many names, like Merkabah, the philosopher's stone, the tree of life or Kabbalah. He says also that crop circles are a shadow of this one example of shadows of slices of this...

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The Triune Force

In her latest message The Hathors speak about the increasing polarization between individuals, communities, religions or nations and offer a powerful mental tool, to navigate through these polarization without harm. They call it The Triune Force. This strategy " will...

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Shifting is the Change

Again a very interesting session with Bashar about how we create reality. What he is saying is that we can never change the world but shift to a parallel reality which represents the change we have made inside. So change is a shifting - an individual shifting - to...

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Galactic Federation – SaLuSa 18.6.2012

This is an uplifting message from the Galactic Federation via Michael Quinsey. There are so many confused channelled messages out there that it is nice to read something beautiful about Humans and the Earth.  Of course the "awakening" is still delayed and it is hard...

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Abraham-Hicks: Dementia Explained

This Abraham-Hicks recording is the best explanation I've ever heard for Alzheimer's and Dementia. Dementia is just a tool - a choice and a permission slip - to make the transition from physical to non-physical life in an easy way. The frustration that people with...

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I Am Ready For A Change!

This is a message from the Galactic Federation of Light, channeled through Greg Giles. It would be very nice if the Galactic Federation would come to help us, but as they say themselves, we have to be ready for change and to be ready for change needs the ability to...

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Forget Methods

This is an excerpt from a channelling of Himaalih from “The Myradees,” channeled by Maria Bertram, December 27th 2010. The Mother Earth Network  is an ever growing, global spiritual network consisting of thousands of people around the world. The network’s main...

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Elias, channelled by Mary Ennis, is one of my favourite sources of inspiration. This small exercise that he offers here is important, because the lack of  deservingness - of self-value - is certainly very impeding for fulfilling your desires whatever they are......

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Wonderful Crystals

At the Kryon Website you can download several sheets with pictures of various crystals - mineral helpers so to speak  for healing, ascension, new consciousness, strength, peace, letting go, light and many more...  There is more information about crystals at the site....

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We say one more thing about the idea of healing the self. We will give you the idea of a particular permission slip that you can use to attract whatever information you need that has to do with healing. So if you use this permission slip because it is generally keyed...

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Bashar About Sai Baba

Bashar answers questions about the manifesting abilities of Sai Baba (23. 11.1926 in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh; † 24. April 2011) and explains the mechanism of this creation. The ashes that Sai Baba produced in considerable quantities are a by product of creation,...

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The Fresh Food Diet

Ascended Master Saint Germain, channeled by Aruna talks about which food one can eat to be healthy. It is not a short-term "diet" but a continuous change to better food. He recommends all the food that Hildegard von Bingen recommended also already in the 12th century....

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Daily Resurrection

The term Easter is supposed to come from Ostara, a Germanic Goddess of spring and fertility who has a hare and a cow as her animals. However most of all Easter is now a Christian annual festival of death and resurrection. Christians believe that Jesus Christ died...

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Kryon -The Recalibration of Free Choice

I appreciate very much Kryon's channelling about The Recalibration of the Human Being which I published already. In this video Kryon speaks about the recalibration of free choice and it is as interesting as all the other sessions about recalibration. What could be...

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15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

This is a quasi complete list of the most impeding things to get rid of  if one wants to be happy and enlightened - so to speak. 1. Give up your need to always be right. There are so many of us who can’t stand the idea of being wrong – wanting to always be right –...

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Strange Sounds in the Sky explained by Scientist

Maybe you would like to know also more about the strange sounds that have been recently heard around the world. Some people even call them "The Sound of the Apocalypse". Dr. Prof. Elchin Khalilov has now given an interview where he develops some theories about these...

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A mantram is short spiritual formula to reach the highest being - the One Self. It uses the power of words - like spells - to create a union with the essence of the self . Prayers, meditation and mantras turn the awareness - consciousness, spirit, everything - to the...

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Bashar – To Transform The Ego Mind

In these videos Bashar explains how to deal with the Ego mind. He suggests to make a contract with it, physically sit down and write a contract about the competence of the ego of what it can handle and what it cannot handle and have to let the expanded mind do....

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From Third To Fifth Dimension

This is an excerpt from a channelling with Archangel Michael, channelled by Celia Fenn. It deals about understanding the energies right now and why life is often so difficult and even exhausting. The answer from AA Michael is: "Maintaining the illusion of the Third...

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Thich Nhat Hanh – Beyond Environment

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh has been practising meditation and mindfulness for 70 years and radiates an extraordinary sense of calm and peace. This is a man who on a fundamental level walks his talk, and whom Buddhists revere as a Bodhisattva; seeking the highest level...

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The Recalibration of the Human Being

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It seems like only a moment ago that I told you there would be changes in the room, and I can feel them. The attribute of those from the other side of the veil is compassion. There are always questions, however....

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Answers from God?

What if you could discover how God is speaking to you, and you could learn how to tune in and listen? How would your life change as a result? In just 7 minutes, I will guide you in a process to bring forth your higher self and manifest an important message from your...

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You Are Your Universe

This is an inspiring short conversation with Bashar about fear of the unknown. Bashar stresses again the importance of the individual and that there is nothing to fear. Of course if the belief system one helds suggests that everything is scary and that there are...

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Escape in Prison

What brings a 66 year old woman, mother to four children and grand-mother to nine grandchildren to experiment with prison instead of quietly sitting in a rocking chair or travelling the world? This is the beginning of an excerpt of the book "Escape in Prison" written...

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Best Information About 2012

This is an excerpt from a Session with Elias, who is channelled by Mary Ennis. He answers a question about what will happen in December 2012 in a very clear and sober way. It is this clarity what I appreciate most with his information. By the way, the whole session is...

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Sacred Food

Sarah Pope speaks in this video about traditional "sacred"  food that has been widely demonized by the food industries as well as by doctors. Eating butter, eggs or coconut oil is healthy and cholesterine is necessary, especially for young and old people. There are a...

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Having A Baby?

Somebody asked Osho if it is a good idea to have a baby. His advice is really wise and should be taken in consideration by all people who want to be parents. By the way, this is also a good recommendation for all people who want pets... If you can avoid it that is...

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2012 raises a lot of questions and fears. People ridicule the shift or are very anxious about the "end of the world". Both attitudes are not very helpful in understanding the shift of consciousness which accelerates dramatically this year and with dramatically I mean...

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New Year Resolutions

This is an example of a New Year Resolution by Abraham that can be really fulfilled: ESTHER: Abraham, How do you feel about New Year's Resolutions? And how would you approach a New Year's Resolution if you were in our physical shoes. ABE: They are a wonderful idea....

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Spells or Affirmations

Spells have always been part of witchcraft and are considered by modern man as superstition. However, spells work, especially for the own purposes because what you believe manifests. So it is better to know your "spells" which are called nowadays rather affirmations....

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We Need Happy Animals

Many manufacturers of personal care and household items still test their products on animals, despite the growing number of alternative methods for evaluating product safety. The Vegetarian Site has a list which contains all such companies known and their associated...

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Old World Order

These are some links which I want to remember and investigate further. But I thought that they might interest also some visitors of my site, so I make them public. They deal about UFOs, Alien technologies, Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, The Project Camelot and more...

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Extraordinary Torchbearers

This is the P'taah Message of December where he calls humans as extraordinary torchbearers, as Gods and Godesses playing a game called Human Life. Unfortunately this game is deeply infected by fear  which is - together with guilt - the opposite of  love. Fear can be...

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Elias  speaks in Session 1861 about appreciation and how to get rid of fear. If you want to get rid of fear, you have to practice appreciation and that means first: Appreciate Yourself! And remember: Love is appreciation and knowledge! Guest: In fighting fear we...

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This is a documentary which was filmed using aerial shots in 54 different countries, beautiful images from Earth in High Resolution. So far it is perfect. Unfortunately it contains predictions from "scientists" saying "that we have 10 years to change the way we live,...

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Parallel Realities

In each moment you shift through billions of parallel realities. In fact, that's what time is. The illusion we call time is our consciousness shifting billions of time - per second - from static parallel reality to static parallel reality and that creates the illusion...

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The Green Beautiful

This is a very beautiful awakened movie made by Coline Serreau with the original title "La Belle Verte" and shows the beauty of Earth and how to be in harmony with nature. And it is about love and compassion - the two states of being the most necessary now......

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Losing Focus

Ahhh, losing your focus once again? I know we (Ascended Masters) sound like a broken record....and here we go again. What is your heart's desire? Your intention? Your goal? Continue to meditate and visualize and imagine every detail of your heart's desire. Meditate...

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How To Raise A Child

Diana Loomans is a speaker, author, success coach, and founder of The Quantum Life Institute. She has been a pioneer in the human potential field for over two decades, and has earned a reputation as a dynamic presenter with a rare blend of heart and soul. Her poem...

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The Crystal Activation

Many channels speak now about the activation of 11-11-11 and how a boost of energy will be introduced into the individual energy field to assist to the awakening. Years ago I have made a crystal portal to symbolize this kind of awakening. Maybe now it becomes real......

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P’taah About Relationships

P'taah, channelled by Jani King,  is such a sweet, gentle and wise entity. In this brief November session he speaks about relationships - all relationships - and the importance of creating first a love affair with oneself, so to speak.... Q: Why do people today seem...

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This is a short definition of Karma by Bashar which makes a lot of sense to me. These old bible sayings about a judging God are mean. There is no judgement but, as Bashar says, everybody will "balance" what have been thought, made and experienced, maybe by the very...

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Bashar gives a very interesting description about the origin of halloween which goes back to the eve of destruction of Atlantis according to him.  Even more interesting is his comparison with the USA, a kind of new Atlantis being on the verge of global destruction -...

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Unworthiness is the most widespread disease in the whole world. Religions, science and politics - the so-called elite - have done and do their best to persuade humans that they are not worthy "in the face of God" or for the "blind evolution"or for the profit of the...

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Laughing With Abraham Hicks

These videos are a collection of funny questions and answers with Abraham Hicks. You've got to love Abraham's sense of humour! There is no need to be so serious about spirituality. In contrary, the more you understand the more it is fun and exhilarating......

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Vortex First

Vortex first, then manifestations are flowing...  Abraham Hicks, channelled by Esther Hicks speaks about how to fulfill your desires easily. Instant manifestation comes closer and closer as we move towards 2012 where the energy will skip into the positive. Of course...

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Life Is A Right

Normally this should be self-evident but it is good to remember in times, where corporations own the water and food and where countries are destroyed "to save them", where the right to live in liberty is denied to billions... This right has to be taken back from all...

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Kryon – Quantum Healing

Kryon speaks about transformation rather than healing. In a certain way it is a quantum leap into a parallel reality where the disease just doesn't exist. Of course this transformation can be done also for other states of being.... Let me give you another paradigm for...

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I will rather not update this blog. Please consider it – as I do – as an archive with lots of knowledge, especially about mental-tools and how to use them.

Probabilities 2015 – 2016
Expansion and Contraction


 Fall 2016  

By the Fall of 2016  everything will change! Some changes will be immediately apparent and rapid. Other things will not be apparent in that time but will establish the seed of change that will play out over the years to follow.

We will in some way shape or form, finally, realize that the existence of Extraterrestrial life, in some form, is a fact. We will know for a fact that life exist in some form on other planets. With a 98% probability.

Abrupt change in our financial and economic situation. A great economic downturn in our financial structure will occur again. This will create a new idea of economics in our North American financial system.

There will be a complete revamping of our Taxation system, to allow our nation to “get back on its feet”.

 By 2020

By 2020 many things in our economic system that didn’t work will fall away and new systems will be put in place so that by between 2025 and 2030 we will have in place things that will allow us to function far more easily in a planetary global system. 87 to 95% probability. But it all starts around the fall of 2016.

We historically, completely revamp our political systems. 88% probability.
Between 2020 to 2025

We will finally allow ourselves the initial discovery of what will lead to “free energy”. This will be accelerated by another nuclear meltdown that will occur since we continue to use this type of dirty energy.
2017 to 2019

Another relatively devastating terrorist action will occur. 98% probability. Will turn things around in a variety of ways.

 Between 2015 and 2020

Another nuclear meltdown. Just shy of 100% probability. This will lead to new forms of energy, and walking down new paths and we will make great strides in many many developments that is like the “space race” where we went from absolutely no space travel capability to landing on the moon in a very short time.
2020 to 2025

We will know for a fact that Atlantis is real and it existed. Someone will find the last hall of records that exist. Many of the books from the large library of Alexandria thought to be lost forever will be re-found. This wealth of knowledge from Atlantis will usher in the idea of the new Golden Age on planet Earth.

 Between 2020 to 2030

Inventions and capabilities that we never thought possible will come about as we will be using our resources in a coordinated manner. This will accelerate first contact and the disclosure of the fact that Extraterrestrial beings have been in contact with Earth governments for quite some time.

 Between 2025 to 2033

There will be official first contact on Earth with the Yahyel, who will land their ships and make first contact.
Over the next 50 years

There will be a rising of our oceanic levels by about 40 to 50 feet. Changing the coastal regions in some areas as they go under water. Some areas that are a little temperate will become a little bit cooler. This is because our industrial choices have accelerated the natural cycles and will usher in a mini ice age that will only last about 50 years instead of hundreds of years.

As you can see, everything IS about to change for the better. We will expand in most areas like revamping our financials and tax systems here in North America. As well as the fact that ET information will be disclosed and we will be making first contact with the Yahyel. We will also be discovering free energy diveces and much more cool new technology. At the same time there will be some contraction as we may need to experience another terrorist attack and nuclear meltdown as we realize these are things we need to change. So we will benefit from the contractions. We can always choose to make the changes now and avoid them, but according to Bashar it is likely that we will need them to shake us awake , so to speak.

These predictions again were made by Bashar, a 5th dimensional Extraterrestrial being, channeled by Darryl Anka.


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Gaia Konföderation


Truth is not to be found outside. No teacher, no scripture can give it to you. It is inside you and if you wish to attain it, seek your own company. Be with yourself.

— Osho

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