The Rubberband Analogy

In his wonderful workshop ‘Accelerating ET Contact’ Bashar speaks about how to reach higher frequencies enabling contact with his civilization, about parallel worlds, 2012, UFO landing and more. And as his civilization considers the human society as very limited and living in dark ages he shares also this analogy about the rubber band which is pulled far into the dark and will – when released – catapult humans very quickly into the light…

Rubberband1You know that when you take a rubber band and pull it back and let it go it shoots up in the opposite direction. The idea of the degree to which you have chosen to experience limitation and darkness on your planet is actually a beautiful thing because the degree to which you experience the darkness will be also the degree you will also experience the light

The Rubber Band Analogy is that the farther back you pull the rubber band into the darkness when you decide to let go that how much farther it will shoot on the other side, because you will given it all the momentum all that energy by pulling it so far back into the darkness. So when you do reach critical mass and you do cross the threshold and you do finding let go after straining for so long after holding it back into the darkness it will shoot very quickly onto the other side and will go that much further into the light…

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