The Rulers Of The World

UPDATE: In the Forum of Project Avalon is now a very interesting discussion about Charles and with the participation of Charles and Bill Ryan. It deals a lot about a planned false flag invasion of aliens to incite war on the whole planet…

Project Avalon has published a very interesting video about a conversation with Bill Ryan and “Charles”,  a member of the inner circle of the pyramid of power. This inner circle consists of 33 members, representing the 33 bloodlines of humanity.

Bill Ryan: The video itself explains a great deal about the modus operandi of the controllers, and starts to lay out some of the events and scenarios that – up till now – have been planned.

This material is the tip of a very large and important iceberg needed. I know some of that iceberg, but not all of it. I hope to learn much more during the coming months.

There is now a new video available with Bill Ryan’s commentary on the RULERS OF THE WORLD interview where he explains that all is about DNA and the enhancement of human DNA. “Many of you who watched the interview are starting to realize how significant (and real) this is. This video should be of interest – whether you feel you already understand the importance of this interview, or are seeking to understand better quite what’s happened, and what may be at stake.” Bill Ryan

So if the 33 members of the “enhanced bloodlines” have such a wonderful DNA, why are they doing – if they rule the world as Bill Ryan says – so many “unpleasant”  things? Kill to save? There must be another way…

BTW: My bloodline comes directly from the Universe…


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