Many individuals on your planet when they play such games as the lottery, in there mindset, more often than not, the majority of them will be thinking, I hope I pick the wining numbers, I hope I pick the winning numbers, I hope I pick the winning numbers…

Winning the lotteryHere’s the key, remember when you chose your numbers, whether by your own hand or whether you allow the machine to randomly chose for you, you are still choosing. But, the key is not that you will pick the wining numbers, the key is, you will pick numbers, you will shift to a reality where those are the wining numbers. You will bend the reality to your numbers not the other way around.

The difference in the mindset is profound, because when you go in saying, I want to pick the wining numbers, I hope to pick the winning numbers, I wish to pick the winning numbers, your talking about: The Winning Numbers as if it is already decided what they will be, but it is not. Nothing has been drawn. So when you chose numbers from your passion to play this game the idea is to allow yourself,  to allow yourself to know that you can allow the reality to match your numbers not the numbers to match your reality.


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