I found these statements at a site that is no longer available but had a lot of inspirations to offer. The last post i.e. has as title “No Pain, No Pain” to tell you that it is new thinking. I would subscribe to every word below…

If I ever hold you responsible for my happiness, please kick my butt for me.

Knowing what you want is half the battle. Staying focused on it is the other half.

You’re walking towards a future that your mind is creating right now. If you’re annoyed, your future will be annoying.

Don’t do anything that you don’t really want to do. Inspired action is always genius. Action motivated by worry, guilt, or anger is a life waster.

Happy moment, happy moment, happy moment, happy moment = happy life.

When I consistently look for reasons to feel good, fairies do all the hard work for me.

I’ve noticed that when I make just a little effort to look for reasons to appreciate my world, even when there are more reasons not to, life becomes fun and easy.

When I try to criticize, scold, shame or correct anyone into changing, it never works.

Looking for reasons to feel good now sets the stage for a magical life.

Life is now, now, now.

These things bring nothing: worry, pessimism, criticism. These things bring everything: joyful anticipation, optimism, appreciation.

You always have the power to choose thoughts that lean in the direction of happy.

Powerlessness is believing that one other person has to do something different in order for my world to improve.

The best reason to appreciate is because it feels so very, very good.

Positive expectation of others gradually turns them into angels. Even the really bad ones.

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